Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are home! :)

We are finally home from our Christmas in NY.

Kevin flew home on Tuesday from the ship. Emily was so happy to see him. He looks amazing!! He lost about 65 pounds! Im still in shock seeing him.. and in love all over again!!

We left for NY Wed. We had a great visit with our families but we are so happy to be home. Kevin is looking forward to getting settled in again.
Now that he is home I will be able to do some more digitizing since he is my artist. :)

Ill be posting some new pictures soon, but I have to find my house 1st. I know its somewhere near my little pony and the mound of wrapping paper.

Monday, December 10, 2007

TUTORIAL! So, you want to embroider toilet paper?

Yes, Toilet Paper!! Its easier than you think!

Use a good quality TP. Something soft and thick.

1st step. Hoop a heavier cut away stabilizer. Spray is lighter with sulky or other embroidery adhesive.

2nd step. Unroll about 8-10 sheets of paper and place the 3rd sheet on the center of your hoop. Be care not to tear the TP. Gently press is down on the cut away.

3rd step. GENTLY place your hoop on your machine. Set the roll of TP off to the side making sure you have enough slack so it doesnt teat when the arm moves. Stitch your design.

Step 4. GENTLY remove hoop from machine. Trim your jumps and unhoop. Make sure your cut away doesnt tear from the TP.

Step 5. GENTLY trim away the cutaway , leaving it even with the top of the TP. You only need to trim the top and bottom, not the sides.

See that little leg? :)

Step 6. Roll the TP back up, and wrap it tightly with Saran wrap. I wrap it like a tootsie roll and tape the top and bottom.

Thats it!! See?? Easy huh!?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sexy Mudflap Man Embroidery Design

Pes file, 4x4 hoop size.
9413 Stitches
3.35" x 2.20"


My daughter

The love of our lives!
Emily was born in Jan. of 05

As a young adult, I never wanted children.. nor did my husband. But after we got married both of our feelings changed. So we decided to have ONE. We were shocked to find we were pregnant the very next month!

She has changed our lives. I often wonder how could I have thought I didnt want children? Motherood is what I was made for!

We are going to TTC in Jan 08 for #2!! Blue vibes please!

My husband is almost home!

My husband left in July for another deployment. Jeeeshe! He just got back in Late Nov! Ahhh Military life!

He is due home in about a week and we are so excited! Our daughter realizes he is on his way so now when she sees me cry she tells me "Daddy is coming home."

She really had made this deployment bearable.

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I make monogrammed clothing, shopping cart covers, and embroidery blanks. I will also be embroidery designs that I digitize.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Here I am!

Im glad you found me!

Ive been trying a few different blogs, and websites to post on, and I think I will settle here.

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